Week 3 Feb 22nd 2014 May 27 2014, 0 Comments

So much squeezed into this week. The links page is increasing but I would still like more.

Visiting bears are up to 60. What beautiful bears there are out there. Bears for sale are increasing as well, nearly 100 now. It would be good to have lots more for sale.

I’ve created new “for sale” sections to make them more visible and easily accessible. I will open more sections as we need them.

I’ve also added a “New in this week” section, so that newcomers can be seen at a glance.

Then there was the article for Teddy Bear Times, leaflets for Hugglets Kensington, a box of business cards and adverts for 2 magasines! All that in my week off AND a day out “on a bear hunt!” We visited the incredible Witney Shop, Brackley Antiques Cellar and the Bear cabinet in a shop in Stowe (and found a Pub for lunch) and came back with 5 lovelies which are now in the Newcomers section of the site.

What an all consuming hobby! Hope to meet you tomorrow. I’ll be the one sweltering in a sheepskin