Soggy Summer! June 19 2016, 8 Comments

So much rain! There will no doubt be a drought declared soon!

The museum has had some really good bears added recently: from the SAS auction to some ebay buys and some visitors.

We have Farnell Winston; Three Aetnas! Bruno, a Dean's tru to life; Blanche a magnificent white Steiff thanks to Bourton Bears; and Aubrey Steiff, a lovely Bing and a Schuco monkey with his tag all from SAS auctions. I do love an auction! I was lucky enough to buy Spross a Golden George winner from Teddybar Total made by Soyo Sato. My second artist bear, one on the bench of Kelly Dean being the first.

Val Gargus added a selection of her wonderful collection for us to see and Evelyn Chambers topped up hers. She has some fabulous chaps.

The London International Antique Doll, Teddy Bear and Toy Fair

Daniel and I are delighted with the support we have had for our first fair. The stands are all sold out, the seminars filling and entry tickets selling. The dinner has proved really popular with over 120 places booked now, still more left though. So far over 40 discounted hotel rooms have been booked.

Woburn Abbey Teddy Bear Festival

We have sold out of the Sculpture Gallery external stands and have some really high profile names both buying stands and entering the competition. Gregory Gyllenship, Sue Quinn, Kelly Dean, Paula Strethill Smith, Soyo Sato, Frank Webster to name but a few. 

Busy, busy summer to come.