See you at Hugglets Kensington! Stand 139 August 24 2014, 0 Comments

The summer holidays are nearly over for most of us.

Hugglet's fair to look forward to on Sunday 14th September. Lots of new visiting bears this month.

I have another odd label          

This one says "Hunter-Toys British Made" sewn into the bear's chest in green and red print

It is on a 14inch sheepskin bearReplaced nose, reddish cotton pads, glass eyes, woodwool/kapok filled, fully jointed.

Anyone any ideas?

Work still in progress on a number of the Dating and Identifying sections. I'm doing a great deal of reading but there is such a lot to learn! Dipping into the Cieslik "German Teddy Bear Encyclopedia" is enough to frighten anyone.

New bears this month:-

5 Dean's bears all with different labels to go in the Dean's Dating and Identification section.

Pug 1917 with his stamp. He is really exceptional, Pussy cat 1930, Chester 1960, Louie 1950/60, Lucy 1957/61,

and a Merrythouht Bobby Brewin pyjama case. Thank you Josie!

All these Dean's labels will be in an article in Teddy Bear Times this month.

Thank you also for the Steiff buttons for that section. Still most of the earlier ones missing. Does anyone have any photos of these buttons please?

1920 Bing Buglemann Sue H

German "Admiral C" 1915 

1907 Aetna Harry with provenance

1930 Fadap Blanche with a photo

and a group photo from Canada.

Have a good Bank Holiday!