Week 4. 1st March May 27 2014, 7 Comments

Dear All,

Week 4 Hugglets Kensington.

What a magnificent day! So busy and so many beautiful teddy bears. I bought 9 for the museum! Three from Daniel Agnew then I went back for a fourth! The 1st was a very rare (believed to be) 1930s Teddy Toy Company Winnie-the-Pooh. (Winnie) A beautiful bear. Very long down end nose stitches. Very short legs! One of very few made, one of even fewer left. As well as in the museum he can be found In one of Dee Hockenbury's books. I couldn't resist a 1930s Moritz Pappe baby bear (Bear Cub). Daniel also had one of the very early Chads with the odd nose stitching (Smiles) I believe they were called Smiles bears. I now have 6 of those. From Bourton Bears I found my first 1921 Schucu Yes/No bear (Dither) and a lovely 1930s Knickerbocker (Knu). I fell in love with Zac from Teddies Of Trenode. A big cuddly bear. Is he a Bing? I then lost him for a while when I went to pick him up from the wrong stand!

I put faces to many of the people I have been emailing and talking to. Lovely to meet you all. I bought Olive an Omega from Marilyn from the Old Bear Company the week before and we said hello.

There are many more bears for sale in the teddybear-museum now. It seems to be wanted even by people with their own sites as an extra selling forum.

All we have to do now is save up for The Doll and Teddy Fair at the National motor Bike Museum in Birmingham on March 24th!

Good to meet so many of you,
Yours Hilary