Raining again! June 13 2015, 0 Comments

Summer as we know it doing the garden good at least!

Spent some time working in France in May and found a wonderful shop full of old toys including bears. Couldn't resist a buttoned Fadap!

The SAS auction was something to look forward to with the conundrum of what to bid on and how much to bid. It was a huge success with some high prices and a few bargains to be had at the lower end. I wish I'd put bids on more, but you're always worried when you're not going to be there, that you will end up over spending! There was the most magnificent Dolls' House which sold really well to some lucky person. Not to mention some excellent Steiffs and some quite unusual teds. I was happy that I won the Burlap, it's my first one.

The Teddy Fair scene goes quite quiet for a short time. It's far too soon to look forward to September!

Some of the new chaps who have arrived recently in the Museum include a huge Farnell in an unusual brown from Pam P. 2 lovely Chilterns from Erin, another Bing from Josie, a great Smiles from Dot, two crackers from Wendy and a couple from Dan.

I'm getting much braver at buying from abroad. America, Canada, Australia, Germany and Sweden recently. The customs charges have to be taken into account, but I still think it's worth both the charges and the risk. It feels safer to buy from the people we know on Facebook. I'm a huge fan since joining in November, feel quite an old hand now! I try to make sure that I see what's going on in the evening after work.