Summer holidays on the horizon. June 29 2014, 0 Comments

There have been so many emails from abroad, I love it!  Zambia and Mexico in particular this week.

I have subscribed to "Teddy Bear and Friends" magazine in America to see if they have any Old Teddy articles. I know Dot Bird writes one. I can't find a magazine in Australia. (I might struggle with any German ones!)

I've finished the Dating and Identifying of Chad Valley, Merrythought and Dean's and had them checked. I need to flesh them out a bit over time. The Chiltern is more difficult as there were no labels until the 1940s

Those of you who have helped or commented, thank you! It's good to know people read this old bear stuff!

It's amazing how, of all the bears that are for sale in the museum, people want to buy the ones that aren't for sale! C'est la vie!

New bears this week:-

A beautiful 1907 BMC "Lucky",with some of her label visible. Showcased by Sue Howard

Another 1907 BMC "Baron". He and Lucky are so similar.

Immaculate 1950 Chad Valley Twins with their original swing card label For Sale with Bourton Bears

Cheeky Merrythought Mr Twisty 1966. Showcased by Jane Peters.

A 1937-39 Dean's Golly "Mr Dean" 

A really strange post 1937 pre 1946 Pedigree bear "Greta" who has a white label at the top of her back seam with red embroidery "Made in England". She has a look of a Dean's but she is a Pedigree. Can anyone shed any light on this label?

The 1930 Chad Bonzo with his early button arrived

So did the lovely 1915 Farnell "Fabian"

Drifting gently towards a relaxing summer. Breath, relax, eat, drink, enjoy!!