April 5th May 27 2014, 0 Comments

Hello again!

Most of you will be on holiday soon for a day or two. Time to catch up on those things that don't get done as often as they should. I'm going to make sure my bears are thoroughly moth proofed. It's a good time of year for moths and their eggs. I would be mortified if we were overrun by them. (or even had one!)

I was given a beautiful tiny antique spinning wheel from my husband for my birthday, so today I'm going to stage some photos to put in the "Cosy in the Museum" section. I just need the sun to shine! (it didn't but I still took some!)

I managed to win a Bing with his button/label on ebay this week, so I'm looking forward to "Teddy Ody" coming from the Netherlands. I also bought a little display shelf unit which originated from the Stratford Teddy Bear Museum with twelve very old 5ins teddies in it and "The Teddy Bear Museum" written on it! That was a must!

I loved the article about the Museum in "Teddy Bear Times". The Teddybear-museum in print! We're famous! I felt quite proud.

We need more of you to showcase your hidden bears. We have 70 visiting teddies on the site now. The word is spreading, we have more and more hits each day, more enquiries, more emails and we're filling our second links page! Do tell me if you would like to be linked. I would love to be on your website too. It's all good for spreading the teddy word!

I really enjoy emailing everyone. I hope you enjoy seeing other people's bears as much as I do. Speak soon, Hilary