Getting ready for Hugglets! February 01 2015, 0 Comments

We haven't had any snow yet, no doubt our time will come! I sat and ordered my annuals for the garden this afternoon to make me think of sunshine, a nice relaxing job.

I fell in love with a few bears this month which I couldn't resist.                                        

New bears

"Sullivan", a beautiful 1920 Farnell and "Francoise" a very pretty 1930 Pintel                           Two Omegas, a 1920s "Little Chap" and "Mr Omega" a lovely 1918 black one the same as my "Sam". They look cracking together. There was what looked like another one in the Wendy Thompson Auction which I forgot to bid on. If anyone bought him and is selling him on, do get in touch. Finally "Howard', a 1915 American chap from Sue H. Sue also put on the latest find "Terri" a 1915 William Terry. One more to come from Ebay and another from an American Auction House. I just love opening parcels with bears in them! A real treat!

The Kissable Muzzle added 4 bears. A Chiltern "Nigel" a real beauty, which immediately sold a Knickerbocker "Emily" and 2 other American bears "Clara" and "Vivian"

Diary Date this month

The Winter BearFest. Sunday February 22nd 2015 Kensington Town Hall.

See you there!