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Crap Shelves.
I had to show you all my magnificent shelving. It used to be called soft wood shelving, but its now called Crap Shelving (Number 3 son, "Why've you bought Crap Shelving?")
It was very simple and easy to put up. Just 8 screws to put in and I found a screw driver which was an ordinary one with one end in the handle and a pozi the other way round. Perfect.
I had a few technical problems at first. When you are holding two 8 foot uprights a meter apart, which appendage do you do the screwing with?
Easy, you use one foot and hip on one side and your head on the other, then you screw away vigorously!
In my determination to succeed it escaped my notice that only the handle of the screw driver was turning round. The screw was on the floor and the screwdriver was embedded in the upright. I considered leaving it there to hang things on, but chose not to!
The whole system was a dream. It had a design and measure on-line ordering function which I nearly got right. The uprights are only an inch too tall which means it reaches over the dado rail and doesn't sit flush to the wall, but as the shelves are a smidgen too narrow for bears' bums then that's a good thing.
It's also about 2 inches too wide which means the curtains don't sit properly. Not bad for a first go.
(Although it's not my first go. I made a kitchen once in the 70s, tongue and groove doors. The design feature I used then was that the doors warped so much that you didn't have to open them to put the Instant whip or Fray Bentos Corned Beef away.
Marvellous when you have 3 children under 4 years old and your hands always full. I notice it's still ahead of its time that design.)
Anyway I present you with my perfect shelves. As I must now consider myself a shelving expert then please don't hesitate to ask for my advice.

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