Forthcoming Exciting Auctions! October 26 2014, 0 Comments

There are three auctions very soon. Vectis has one next week, and SAS have two, one of those being the Jena Pang Collection sale. There are some magnificent bears in all three, but the Jena Pang Teddy Bear Collection makes my eyes water! Envy!! What a collection!

Daniel is doing a superb marketing exercise for the sale on Facebook. So much so I had to join in! I can see that Facebook is a very powerful selling force. Why has it taken me so long to work that out! I've always rather avoided it. 

There is another article from The Teddybear-Museum in Teddy Bear Times' next issue. This time it's a "Merrythought Dating and Identifying" one. I found Merrythought quite hard to write. There are very few labels and only one button, they stuck to the same label with a couple of later additions.

I really like Bing bears, we all have our favourites, so I thought I would read more about them. I'm going to start with Ken Yenke's "Bing Bears and Toys. Anyone one who has a favourite book about them, which is not too heavy going, please would you email me with it's title? Thanks.

New bears this month:-

Hugo, the beautiful whopping 24 ins Steiff Hugo, he is scrumptious! Thank you Mel and Andy for making my life complete!

From Ebay:- Bing Bernhard, Ideals Randolf and Humpy, Terry's Wistful, and Watkins from Sue Howard.

Visiting bears:- 2 Americans from The Bear Necessities Boutique which are for sale and 3 new ones from Sue Howard. A Steiff Cindy, a Bing Buglemann and an Ideal Slouchy.

We have a new crop of bears in our For Sale collections of the Museum, including quite a few Merrythoughts as I try to make room for new arrivals. 


Sunday November 16th The Great Yorkshire Teddy Bear Event Sheffield 

Saturday 22nd November Telford Teddy Bear and Doll Christmas Parade

Sunday 23rd November Cornwall Christmas Bear Fair, Lostwithiel Community Centre

Sunday 30th November The Great Winter Doll and Teddy Fair, National Motorcycle Museum, Bickenhill Nr Birmingham