Hugglets does it again! September 21 2014, 0 Comments

Today it's all about the fair. It's a shame there weren't a few more old bear stands, however there must have been around twenty which is better than most fairs. Everyone was very friendly and helpful to us as newcomers. It was good to meet people who we've only met on the internet. The artist bears were made by some really talented people, very appealing and in all shapes and sizes.

We sold a number of our bears which made way for a few new ones!

We bought from 4 stands:- Boughton Bears, Daniel Agnew, All You Can Bear and Old Bears In Stow. and what a collection of beauties they were.

A Terry's (called Happy), an Omega (Little Lord) a Moritz Pappe (Papyrus) and a Dean's Dismal Desmond.

An Omega Coaster bear (Rider) and a Chiltern Panurge Pets Push-a-long (Stroller). The Panurge made me realise I had 2 already, almost identical, so they have now been placed in the right place.

Two Strunz (Loof and Adolpho) and an Aetna (Tanea, anagram of Aetna!). Finally a lovely Jopi (Tumble)

I then won seven at Vectis Auctions very reasonably priced indeed. A Steiff (Albert) a Bing (Rusty) a probable Farnell (Snow White) an Ideal (Ginger) an American possibly Aetna (Thornaby! I come from Stockton-on-Tees so I have a fondness for Vectis and Thornaby!) and a French (Edith, said with a French accent A-deet!!) A Dean's Minnie Mouse with her silver button on her frilly knickers!

I found a Bing Tripple Trapple Dog with his Tag which is in pristine condition, and a Bing with an unusual metal casing inside him (Rattle)