A big Weekend in Alton and Lostwithiel June 18 2014, 0 Comments

A big Weekend in Alton and Lostwihiel.

Two well established fairs this Saturday and Sunday in the South and West of the country. See at the end.

"Merrythought Dating and Identification" collection almost complete (in it's first draft!) and Dean's begun already!

Merrythought has few labels and only one button. However it has a number of novelty types of bears which need to be identified. Help with photos of these pre- 1960 bears would be great please! 

Deans Rag Book is next. It had so many card chest tags which were lost that it will also be troublesome! Watch this space......

New bears this week are:-

Konni, a beautiful Steiff from Sue Howard in Canada and Jacquard her Edouard Cramer which I have bought from her!

Three to be photographed to go on soon:-

Fabian a lovely 1915 Farnell with a remarkably thick coat

A 1930s Chad Bonzo dog which we haven't yet got one of, to add our Chad collection

Mr Twisty Cheeky, a Merrythought produced for just 2 years in 1966.

As you collect more bears and become more familiar with the types of bears, you naturally begin to have your favourites. I find that I love the long armed and legged ones; the Bings in particular and sadly I'm beginning to see the attraction of the Steiffs! Also the wonderful quality of the mohair on the Farnells and the faces of the Terry's and Omegas. I think I am developing expensive tastes in bears! Don't forget me when you wanting to rehouse these beautiful old chaps. I am beginning to fall into the trap of buying more than I can afford! (Bears or shoes?? What a dilemma!)

A memo from Glenn and Irene Jackson:- Hugglets 

 "This year, we've decided to offer a complimentary copy of the 2015 edition exclusively to UK teddy bear collectors and businesses who have registered a free account on the Hugglets website by 30th September 2014.

So register now while you think about it!

Dates from above for this weekend:-

The 2014 CORNWALL Summer BEAR FAIR at Lostwithiel on Sunday 22nd June.
This very well attended Fair – now in it’s 11th year! - appeals to enthusiasts from all over the Westcountry, the UK and well beyond.
As you may already know the Fair now endorses and supports two very worthwhile Charities – Cornwall Hospice Care and Animals Asia, with its campaign to rescue bears from captivity and in distress throughout the world.

Saturday 21st June 2014 - Alton Assembly Rooms (Hampshire) - 10am till 4pm