Mystery Teddy Bear July 20 2014, 0 Comments

Good Morning!

First of all today we have further information on our bear with the mystery label. Greta from the Pedigree section of the Museum has a label which told us one possible story, and a face that told another.

Pam Pudvine thought she had a possible Dean's face which I thought too, so I moved her into the Dean'd section!

I asked Neil Miller of Dean's who said:-

"We cannot be sure that this is a Dean’s bear – it bears some resemblance to a 1938 model which continued in the range until the early 1950s.
However the label is not one that we recognise so cannot say with any certainty that it is Dean’s." So a possible Dean's face with a non Dean's label, so I moved her into the Unidentified section!

I asked Andy and Mel of Bourton Bears

"We are pretty sure that these were made by Pedigree toys as we have seen these labels on their standard patterns, but you can’t be 100% sure as other manufactures may have used them." So she's now back in the Pedigree section!!!

If anyone has a bear with this label we would all love to see it please!

Meanwhile Minuet showcased by The Bear Necessities Boutique has been proved to be from one of the original Hermann Dynasty founders.

The Chiltern Section is now almost complete, I'm just waiting for it to be checked.

I've started a general "Rest of the English" Dating and Identifying Section which is a work in progress! 2 Chiltern labels in it so far.

New bears this week.

1913 Omega. Chip

1916-30 Harwin and Co

1907-1909 BMC. Teddy. The Bear Necessities

1910 Ideal. Benedict.

1926 Dean's Rag Book. Oswald the Lucky Rabbit

A group of Teddies. Iris Ware

Scruffy. Iris Ware

Not one single "Ours" in Nice antiques market! Also bought a bear from an Auction house (on line). Looking forward to seeing what that is like!

We also have a lady looking for A Farnell Toffee and a Strunz if anyone can help.