About Us

This website grew from collecting teddy bears to leave as a keepsake for my granddaughters Lola and India. Only a few are for sale, the ones where I have collected too many of one make or type. The rest will stay to be handed down. I'm not in the teddy bear business, it is just an all consuming hobby!

I would love to have photos of other people's bears to fill the gaps in my collection. The old ordinary ones, the unusual ones, the famous ones and the rare ones.

I would also welcome the views or opinions of experienced collectors on make, type or date of the bears. I will happily alter information in order to make this as accurate a record as possible. I really welcome input to make the site interactive.

Where I have bought bears which come with a name, clothes and some description I have tried to use them where possible. I have bought teddies from some collectors on a regular basis. Many of the detailed words of description have arrived with the bears. Where possible the bears' names and clothes have been kept the same. Poor restorations have been unpicked, further necessary repairs have been done.

There are a number of Teddy Bear books which have now become my Bibles, to which I make constant reference.