A frenetic month! December 14 2014, 0 Comments

A full inspection at work this week! Didn't have time to draw breath. Came out smelling of Roses! Back in the land of the living now.

A great deal of Museum housework to do, putting new bears on and taking some off the New Bear This Month Section. Now added an Artist Bear Section and an Artist Bear For Sale section. Maureen from Summerhayes Bears and Old Bears In Stow has 3 beautiful hand made bears in this new section, Brandy, Jack and Jamie.

I'm keen to encourage people to add their replica bears too, then we Old Bear people can see what our bears used to look like.

There are some really superb new "old" bears which are worth taking a look at.

New Bears this month

Two big Bings, Karin and Herr Ratselhaft (means enigmatic) in very good condition.

An Eduard Cramer, Baron Cramer who looks so like a Bing. Did Cramers also have the back leg seam?

A Jopi, Bruno and a Steiff Hans. All bought from Germany.

Newly acquired bears which are for sale. Three Knickerbockers from Auction which I have decided to sell on. I seem to have more than enough of these lovely chaps. A Gund Mickey and a battered Chad also arrived as Auction purchase add ons. 

New visiting bears:- "Yesterday's Teddys" has showcased three 1905 Steiffs, Kaffee. Lady Percetta and Millie. Beautiful!

Pauline from Polly's Vintage Bears has added two makes I've never heard of, French Maker Jan Jac and his swing tag Jacques. Hampshire firm Minibrix with his label Mini.

Sue Howard has found another lovely Steiff, Noel. What a face he has!

I now love Facebook! So many lovely bears to see and talk about. I've been putting some of the Museum bears on for all to see which prompts questions, comments and Likes! I'd love to be friends on Facebook with all the people who receive our blog by email.

The article on Merrythought Bears in the Teddy Bear Times looks good in print. I'm not sure how many articles I have left in me! The odd one or two more no doubt!

Diary dates

Nov 30th The Great Winter Doll and Teddy Fair. National Motor Cycle Museum

Dec 7th   The great Brighton teddy bear event. Hove Town Hall

Feb 22nd Hugglets Winter BearFest. Kensington Town Hall

Please make sure I have your dates. Additional afterthought emails are not really a good idea!


Dec 4th The Jena Pang Collection. SAS Auctions

Facebook has a special page of Teddy events.