Week 5 March 8th May 27 2014, 0 Comments

March already! New bears! More please!

Two people have told me they were looking at the site from the images on the home page.

You have to go into the site via "Teddy Bear Collections" to see all the categories of bears.

I have added a "Bear Bargain Basement" to sell some of our poor unwanted bears cheaply and quickly.

There is a great deal of interest in the "Bears for Sale" collections. More than I expected.

"This week's New Bears" is a roaring success! Please send me more.

I have bought a beautiful Dean's Brumus and Ivy from Alice's Bear Shop this week

and a HUGE 32 inch green bear from an Auction House in America.

I need help with identification please. Is he a Bing? Did they do green plush enormous bears?

Please keep the visiting bears coming in, either to showcase or to sell. I've caught up with the backlog now.

I've put a link on to an interesting bear blog which we've done an interview for. Its the last link in the list. A good read!