May 5th May 27 2014, 0 Comments

Back to work tomorrow! Sunny France a distant memory! I came back to find a number of bears had arrived. At least two of which were a bit of a mystery.

So I have promised myself that I will do some serious research AND (the tricky bit) try to remember what I learn. I then decided that you can't swallow a whole elephant at once therefore we need to tackle this bearstrous problem (sorry) in small chunks.

As most of my Chad Valley bears are labelled I decided that if I started with those, there will be less chance of initial failure. Failure is a recipe for starting a project and abandoning it mid way! If you are a beginner then do join me in this DIY course. If you are one of the many experts out there then please correct or add as we go.

I have set up a new Collection called "Chad Valley Dating and Identification"

I've started with the buttons and labels. Photographing them wasn't easy, I'll do it again at some stage. I've also identified which bears in the Museum Chad Valley Collection have these buttons or labels so that people can look at the characteristics of each bear in each period. It's a work in progress so bare with me. All feed back welcome. It's a good job I'm not a perfectionist!

New bears this week:-

Scott, who may be another early Chad

Cuthbert, Terry's

Squat, Austrian Fetcher

Lily Lilac, German

Mr Bing