The Wind in the Willows and the first signs of Spring! March 14 2015, 6 Comments

The garden is all yellows and purples, the first sign that we've turned the seasonal corner.

I've learned of a new maker of old bears. ISA: Isaac and Co were furniture makers who began to make bears and animals with springs in their legs. They had a metal label which they attached to the animals. Chad Valley bought them in 1923. Fascinating!

Hugglets was really good. Busy, friendly and full of stands with the most beautiful bears old and new. It was good to meet old faces again and share bear stories!

Newcomers from Hugglets included the most magnificent Wind in the Willows collection, including Mr Toad, Badger, Moley, Ratty and co. A real find from Andy's (Bourton Bear's) own collection. I was so lucky to find them and will be a careful custodian of such wonderful craftsmanship. I also bagged a Bing Skater bear with his red tag, a pink Bing, a Black Omega, an Omega Bush Baby, a super Farnell, and an Ideal jangling bear. Not forgetting the ISA dog!