July Surprises July 27 2014, 0 Comments

We've been away on holiday. We always go to the same place in France, to the same town, see the same things, eat the same French food, see the same views, and relax by the same pool with family. We have 5 children and 7 grandchildren! 

Boring? Never. Adventurous? No. 

I do so envy those intrepid ones of you who have all sorts of wonderful adventures! 

Just not for me. I don't like planes, boats, coaches or anything else where my feet aren't on the ground!

For the timid, we love going away and we also love coming home just as much. To the same home, the same garden, the same part of the family who didn't go to France on this occasion, and to 8 bears all in boxes, who have all been waiting patiently to be opened!

So exciting! I do love a parcel. We trawled the French markets again to no avail so I bid on 2 bears whilst away from Auction Houses, a Bing and a Merrythought, I think I could become a gambler! Bought 6 others. Two of those from America, an Ideal and a Bing and 4 from people I deal with regularly, 2 Les Jouets Champenois, a beautiful Harwin and a Bing. There's something wrong with the site this morning so 3 of the new bears aren't yet on.

I took a "Bears of the Month" photo this time. A cracking group!

The "Chiltern Section" is all present and checked now. I'll do the Farnells next. I've started 2 more Dating and Identification Sections too. Farnell and German.

"Teddy Bear Times" has put the "Chad Dating and Identification" Section into the Magazine this time. I was pleased with it. I do need to go back and take better photos at some stage.

There is another Mystery label. Hunny has a "Hunter Toys" label, printed blue on white attached to her front seam. She's in the miscellaneous section.  Anyone any clues?

We've booked a stand at Hugglets in Kensington Town Hall to sell some of the bears we have too many of.

Sunday September 14th. 10am to 4pm.

It's got to be my favourite bear fair! 

 More bears to put in the Museum please. This is the first month where we've not had any visitors. Enjoy the weather!