z(1904) Steiff PAB28 Bearle. Blank Button. The Jena Pang Collection

Bearle is a rare 1904 STEIFF PAB28 Germany Teddy Bear with a blank button. He is in fantastic, original condition. He is 16" tall, with apricot mohair and black boot button eyes. He has a pronounced cone shaped muzzle with a gutta percha nose, and a black stitched mouth and nose. He is kapok stuffed and all five joints work perfectly. He has the grooviest long, spoon arms, his paw pads are felt and in great condition and all five claws on each paw are present and intact. An awesome example of 1904 Teddy Bear craftsmanship.


Date 1904
Fabric Mohair Apricot
Size 16 ins
Eyes Shoe Button
Features The grooviest, long spoon arms 
Jointed Fully Jointed
Pad  Original felt. All four paws each have five stitched claws
Stuffing Straw filled
Growl Non Working squeaker
Number V144

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