Sold (1900) Bear with cart

Wonderful rare antique, bear with cart

This antique bell toy was produced by the German company Bing Toys. The bell toy is designed as a muzzled bear harnessed to a cart with a bell at the center. The bear was made with gorgeous glass eyes and covered in rough mohair which is in excellent condition.

I was so thrilled at one of my newest acquisitions, a most wonderful antique pull toy. Made by Bing, dating to 1900. The little bear is covered in mohair and is attached to a metal bell toy on wheels. The first time I saw one of these was at the Chelsea Teddy Bear and Toy Museum in Chelsea, Mich. I took pictures. I was so excited to actually find one.


Date 1905
Make Bing
Fabric Mohair 
Size 10 ins
Eyes B Button
Features Cart
Jointed Jointed to walk
Pads None
Stuffing Woodwool

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