zSteiff (1905) Button Lady Percetta. Yesterday's Teddy

    SOLD by Yesterday's Teddy
I would like to introduce a most special bear, her name is Lady Percetta.  She is a 14 inch 1905 Steiff Teddy Bear with blank button.  She's ALL ORIGINAL, white mohair, brown floss nose, mouth and 4 claws and a non working tummy squeaker. Her mohair is superb, with hardly any loss.  Her paw pads are in beautiful condition, completely all original and very well manicured, as a proper lady should be!  If it weren't for a little discolouration of her fabric, in various places, I would say excellent superb condition.  Lady Percetta is robust and very hearty bear, she is strong and there's absolutely no weakness.  Her discolouration is due to being stored in a trunk for most of her life. She is a special & most beautiful bear.
As for History, Lady Percetta was found with one other 14 inch Steiff White Blank Button bear.  They were both in the same beautiful condition and both having the same discoloration.  I was not able to obtain any family history about their lives, but clearly they have been together forever and ever!
Lady Percetta is wearing a most special and beautiful dress.  It's a gorgeous maroon silk with lovely red, cream and green flower accents around her neck and sleeves.  Around her waist is a white lace ribbon that is not attached to the dress so that you can have fun taking her from DAY to EVENING with just the change of her waist ribbon.  White lace for those afternoon tea parties and maybe a black velvet for a night at the Opera?  You can also have fun with hats, bows for her hair and even floral headpieces.  Lady Percetta loves beautiful parasol and purses too, just think of the fun you'll have shopping for her.  Girl Teds are such fun and you will enjoy many wonderful tea parties with Lady Percetta.
Lady Percetta is an amazing early blank button Teddy bear and will bring you nothing but smiles to last a lifetime. 


Date 1905
Make Steiff
Button Blank button
Fabric Mohair white
Size 14 ins
Eyes B Button
Features Original Stitching
Jointed Fully Jointed
Pads Felt
Stuffing Woodwool

 Red dress

Growl Not Working
Number 122V

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