SOLD (1907) Aetna Hankster For Sale £450

Hankster is a 15" Aetna bear. His once white mohair has faded to a creamy lamb shade. He has original reverse painted glass eyes, five rust floss claws on each paw and foot. Original pads with one small hole on hand that I have placed a piece of felt in. Card lined feet and original rust floss nose and mouth. He is a rare 1907 bear with a nice humpback and prominent profile.

About Aetna Teddy Bears

  • Aetna Toy Animal Co. was founded in 1901 in New York. From 1906 until 1915 they sold the Aetna-bear, which originally was called the Keystone-bear.
  • Aetna trademark: The Aetna Toy Animal Company marked their Teddy Bears with a black, printed, oval line around their name, which was placed on the right feet.
  • Teddy Bears from Aetna are very rare, especially outside the USA, because the company only made bears for a couple of years.


Date 1907
Make American Aetna
Fabric Mohair blond
Size 15 ins
Eyes Glass
Features Heart shaped nose attributed to Aetna. 
Jointed Fully jointed
Pads Felt carded pads, replaced paws . 
Stuffing excelsior
Number 19

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