(1907) Aetna Hankster

Hankster is a 15" Aetna bear, His once white mohair has faded to a creamy lamb shade. He has original reverse painted glass eyes, five rust floss claws on each paw and foot. Original pads with one small hole on hand that I have placed a piece of felt in to stop the cork filling from falling out. Card lined feet and original rust floss nose and mouth. One ear has popped a stitch and I have pinned it in place. Hankster’s torso is kapok stuffed and I believe his limbs and head are cork stuffed. He is completely original and could use a bath, but I wanted to leave him in as found condition. He is a rare 1907 bear with a nice humpback and prominent profile.

About Aetna Teddy Bears

  • Aetna Toy Animal Co. was founded in 1901 in New York. From 1906 until 1915 they sold the Aetna-bear, which originally was called the Keystone-bear.
  • Aetna trademark: The Aetna Toy Animal Company marked their Teddy Bears with a black, printed, oval line around their name, which was placed on the right feet.
  • Teddy Bears from Aetna are very rare, especially outside the USA, because the company only made bears for a couple of years.


Date 1907+
Make American Aetna
Fabric Mohair blond
Size 15 ins
Eyes Glass
Features Heart shaped nose attributed to Aetna. 
Jointed Fully jointed
Pads Felt carded pads, replaced paws . 
Stuffing excelsior
Number 19

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