Sold (1907) Aetna Little Man For Sale £395

Excellent condition 

Mohair: Lovely golden colour,. He still has great mohair coverage (especially for a 1907 bear!) with a lovely, bright gold gleam.

Eyes: Lovely original glass eyes

Nose/mouth/claw stitching: Original heart-shaped nose stitching,  Gorgeous, wistful original smile. Retains all his original claw and paw stitching in the classic Aetna style.

Pads:  Paw pads original,

Fully five-ways jointed; all joints work smoothly and aren't loose or stiff. Woodwool and kapok stuffing.


Date 1907
Make American Aetna
Fabric Mohair gold
Size 10 ins
Eyes Glass
Features heart shaped nose attributed to Aetna
Jointed Fully jointed
Pads Felt replaced pads . 
Stuffing Woodwool

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