3(1907) Elmer Tanea

Tanea is very special indeed. She is a very rare Elmer in almost mint condition. She has an excellent covering of golden short mohair with slight wear to the backs of her legs. Her ears are wide set, her head typical and her face most endearing. She has a pronounced snout with a black material nose and a most beautiful and unusual tiny tongue. Her eyes are polished wood which is also exceptional. She has long arms with spoon shaped paws. Her felt paws and pads are in very good order, with five claws on both. She has a non working growler. A very pretty bear who is about as rare as you can get.



Date 1910
Make American Elmer
Fabric Mohair golden
Size 17 ins
Eyes Boot Button
Features Hump
Jointed Fully jointed
Pads Felt Feet. 5 claws on both paws and pads
Stuffing Woodwool
Growl Not Working
Number 232A

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