(1907) Hecla Big Timothy £1395


Timothy is a very rare HUGE Hecla. He is in good condition. He has a good covering of blond mohair and a pronounced snout with cinnamon stitching. His ears are set wide apart. His joints are a bit arthritic and his very old replaced pads need some work. His mohair is in good condition for someone of 120 years old. A very handsome chap! Described by his last owner as

"This handsome fellow has been around for a very long time and is still full of charm (and straw). Fresh from a Pennsylvania estate where he was loved and adored his whole life. He is an early antique 1907s golden Helca bear named Timothy. This 20" mohair guy is a very rare and hard to find American Helca bear. This company began making bears to be Americas answer to the successful German Steiff bear. The company made their bears to be almost identical to Steiff bears, they even imported the mohair from Germany! Yet, the company did not advertise much and was out of business in two years. These adorable and handsome bears are very hard to find! He has long curved arms, shoe button eyes, back hump and long nose. He still retains most of his mohair, with some loss and thinning mostly on back. He was a faithful companion for decades and shows some battle scars. He has all replaced ( covered) pads, he has some loss to nose embroidery, and repair at back of neck and under one arm with thick black thread. He also has some settling of straw in legs. He is perfect in my eyes. So hard to find any never mind one this big.


Date 1905-7
Make American Hecla
Fabric Mohair blond
Size 20 ins
Eyes Boot Button
Features Hump
Jointed Fully jointed
Pads Replaced Carded Feet. 5 cinnamon claws on both paws and pads
Stuffing Woodwool

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