z(1907) Barnaby. Showcased by Erin Roy

This sweet 11" bear is an early American bear from Ideal Novelty and Toy Co. of NY. formed in 1907. This particular bear dates to 1906-07 era.

This poor old chap has seen better days! He is approximately 11 inches tall, has black shoe button eyes and remnants of his stitched nose. All 5 joints work well. His head and lower body are stuffed with straw, but the rest of him is stuffed with a soft material...kapok? His pads are not wool but a very brittle material and they have been lovingly scribbled on, and are torn. He has very little fur left but it was a long, gorgeous golden colour at one time. His snout is very long and pointy but is damaged. I do not believe that a growler or squeaker are present. I absolutely adore his slouchy posture...he is one of my favourite "unknown" bears.


Date 1907
Make  American Ideal?
Fabric Golden Mohair
Size 11 ins
Eyes Black boot button
Features A lovely slouchy chap
Jointed Fully jointed
Pads Rexine
Stuffing Woodwool/Kapok
Growl None
Number V182

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