(1908) Steiff Button Penchant

Penchant is 21 inches and has an early button. He has had his pads replaced many years ago but they have been done well and he has 4 claws on each paw. He has a hole above his nose but apart from that no other holes. He has a white faded mark above his nose. On his back he has a very good covering of  soft mohair. He has odd eyes one glass one boot button. He is very clean and fresh and has the most adorable pose. He is very thoughtful, quite penchant!



Date 1908
Make Steiff
Button Yes
Fabric Mohair White
Size 21 ins
Eyes B Button and glass
Features Original light Stitching
Jointed Fully Jointed
Pads Old replaced cotton
Stuffing Woodwool

 Striped cotton

Growl Not Working
Number 211A

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