(1910) Bing. Button. White Teddy

White teddy is a rare beautiful white Bing from about 1910 complete with his plated circular GBN button under his arm. He is 12ins tall. He has long arms and legs and a quite haughty look with his head held high and a long straight nose! His glass eyes are most expressive. He was the childhood bear of Lillian Florence Smalley who was born in 1901. She had quite a traumatic start in life, see letter, and needed a friend like white teddy

Lillian's daughter who last had White Teddy writes-:

"I love the way you’ve photo’d him and arranged the photo and letter. It’s lovely as it is a real memorial to my mother and sister too. I think I shall keep returning to the website! Thank you again. I wish you every success with the museum and with finding yet more lovable and characterful bears to show. In the age we live in it’s lovely to find someone like you with a love and passion that is not commercial and a desire to share this with others. And isn’t it great that technology can be used to further this in such a marvellous and vivid way.

All my good wishes, Jo x" 

Sadly Jo's sister Rosemary died this September 2017 aged 91 years. White Teddy will always remember Lillian, Rosemary and her sister Jo. Jo looks at him often on this website with fond memories. I can't think of a better friend to be remembered by than White Teddy.

Date 1910
Make Bing
Button  Yes
Fabric Mohair white
Size 12 ins
Eyes Boot button
Features Provenance
Jointed Fully Jointed
Pads Felt 
Stuffing Woodwool
Number 223a

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