(1910) Bing Kaiser Wilhelm

Kaiser Wilhelm is a rare beautiful blond Bing Mechanical teddy bear with a movable head from 1910. He is wound through a spring balancer with a key, and a lateral keyhole. He is woodwool filled with felt replaced pads. He is 14 ins tall, has long arms and legs and a quite thoughtful look with his head held high and a long straight nose! He has patent marks on his metal keyhole of his winder "DRPA" and "5 DRGM" (Deutsches Reichsgebrauchsmuter, until 1944) Kaiser Wilhelm met Teddy Theodore Roosevelt in 1910 in Doberitz.
Date 1910
Make Bing
Button Name on Winder
Fabric Mohair blond
Size 14 ins
Eyes Boot button
Features Mechanical winder
Jointed Fully Jointed
Pads Felt 
Stuffing Woodwool
Number 199A

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