z(1920). Petal. Farnell. Showcased by Josie Rockett

This lovely girl is Petal. She is a rare faded pink Farnell bear dating to the early 1920s, possibly a little earlier. Originally she would have been a wonderful bright pink, but this is only noticeable around her joints. She still has a lovely pinkish hue, I have included a photo of her with Benny, a tiny white 1940s Farnell bear to try and show her colour more clearly. She has glass eyes with painted backs, tan nose mouth and claw stitching and measures 13 inches long. She is kapok filled with a little wood wool in her muzzle and has cotton pads. Petal is such a sweet teddy, she has such a pretty face.


Date 1920
Make Farnell
Fabric Mohair Pink
Size 13 ins
Eyes Glass
Features Tan nose, mouth and stitching
Jointed Fully Jointed
Pads Cotton pads
Stuffing Woodwool/kapok
Growl Working
Number 279V

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