z(1907) Steiff. Mr Sunday Bear. Showcased by Val Gargus

Showcased by Val Gargus.

This 16" blond Teddybear name is Mr. Sunday Bear. I purchased him from the original family from Lancaster, PA. First child was born in 1907 & the second child born in 1915 both boys. The second child gave the bear to his daughters. I believe it was the first child's bear & was handed down to the second child. This bear is believed to be 1909 from a fellow collector & restorer. This matches the first child theory. The children were only allowed to play with him on Sunday for 1 hour. This is why he has only 2 bald spots one on back of right ear & a small spot on rear of left leg. I named him to keep the memory of those children. He was a very special bear to those children & brought them great joy, I was told.This was the first antique Steiff bear I bought. When  I saw the ad on the internet selling a Steiff bear for $ 400.00 I had no money except $50.00. I had a rare Steiff skunk that was uncatalogued. I sold him for 375.00 on eBay to buy Mr. Sunday bear. This bear is a my favorite bear, I myself repaired his paw pads & stuffed his arms. His growler still works at times. Unfortunately his button was removed. I wanted to share this bear with you because he is so very special to me.

I hope you enjoy the photos & his story,


Date pre 1910
Make Steiff
Fabric Mohair 
Size 16 ins
Eyes Black  boot button
Features Good condition
Jointed Fully Jointed
Stuffing Woodwool


Squeaker sometimes works
Number 356V

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