z(1910) Steiff. Spitz. Showcased by Val Gargus

Showcased by Val Gargus.

Here is a rod jointed Steiff Spitz or Pomeranian. From pre 1910 8" in height & length, wax nose, squeaker that goes from front joints to rear joint not a tummy squeaker have to hold dog front  & rear to squeak ( like you play an accordion)  Hole in right ear where the button went. Very oddly rod jointed rear legs. Some people call it a walker. Felt face & ears stitched claws 4 & shoe button eyes. He is a Steiff oddity & a treasure. Could be one of a kind not catalogued.

 A very rare and very beautiful boy.


Date pre 1910
Make Steiff
Fabric Mohair 
Size 8 ins
Eyes Black  boot button
Features Oddity
Jointed Oddly Jointed
Stuffing Large squeaker


Growl Large
Number 350V

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