(1914) Gustav

We possibly have an early French Bear dating from around 1913-1920. Five ways jointed with cardboard discs and steel pins, one leg disc will need renewing but the leg is complete and in place but fragile.There is the remains of a card squeaker mechanism, the card feels like it has part disintergrated and there is no sound, although the spring is working.The bears closing seam is on his stomach and has been mummy mended at some stage.The ears are cupped and hand sewn across the centre facial seam.There is the remains of original stitching on all pads in various states. 4 to paws 4 to pads. The nose is horizontally stitched and has a single vertical stitch on either side. At some point i think a lipstick was used to color the nose. He needs new eyes. Stuffed quite solidly with wood wool  


Date 1914
Make French possibly
Fabric Mohair Blond
Size 15 ins
Eyes Boot button
Features Center Final Seam
Jointed Disc Jointed
Pads Cloth/Stitched
Stuffing Woodwool
Number 69A

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