(1921) Mr Elphick Roots

Mr Elphick is an adorable, rare and highly sought-after teddy, dating to around 1915-20.
He’s a medium sized teddy bear and stands around 42cm tall. He is fully jointed and stuffed with woodwool. All his felt pads are original and in very good condition, his feet are also card-lined.
He has the typical features of early teddies and in-particular Omega – large ears set forward on his head, high shoulders, an upturned muzzle, a huge hump and very long arms with bent wrists. He also had what I would describe as chicken-drumstick thighs – big and chunky at the top and narrowing down to his ankles.
Mr Elphick's eyes are also another identifying feature of old Omega bear. They are clear glass with painted backs, but are much larger than you would find on almost all other manufacturers.
He's in generally in very, very good condition – nice firm joints that hold their pose, and beautiful, clean, fluffy, thick, really high quality mohair. Although he's lost a bit of stuffing from the top of his body its resulted in him having the most lovely shape with his head slightly flopped forward on to his chest. He's not perfect though – he's survived two World Wars and is about 100 years old after all. He has lost almost all of his nose and mouth stitching, and a few of his claws (although he does have several left). He also has three bald patches; one on his right upper arm (the most obvious) one on the back of his right leg (much less obvious), and another around his crotch (this ones not really noticeable). I think I can also feel a non-working squeaker in his tummy.
All in all, Mr Elphick Roots is a beautiful bear who looks great and has all the wonderful characteristics of early teddies.


Date 1915-20
Make Omega like
Fabric Mohair Blond
Size 16 ins
Eyes Glass with painted backs replaced
Features Beautiful eyes
Jointed Fully Jointed
Stuffing Woodwool
Number 541

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