Sold (1920) Fadap Coaster Toy. Rider Sold £600

Rider is a rare Fadap coaster teddy with white artificial silk plush, clear and black glass eyes with remains of brown painted backs, pronounced muzzle, black stitched nose with nostrils and mouth, swivel head, bright pink artificial silk plush integral jacket and hat over one ear, jointed limbs with bent leg, original ribbon stitched to chest, on pale blue painted frame with four wheels with black rubber tyres, when pulled along the bear rocks backwards and forwards —11 1/2in. (29.5cm.) high (damage to pads, dusty and matted, metal work worn and a little surface rust)


Date 1920
Make Fadap
Label Before
Fabric Art silk. 2 colours
Size 11 ins
Eyes Glass
Features Original Nose / Mouth
Jointed To ride his bike
Pads Felt
Stuffing Woodwool
Clothes Hat and bow
Number 257A

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