(1950) JPM Massy Sold £80

‘’JPM’ a Jouets Paris Massy teddy bear 1950s, with brown mohair, light pink and dark pink glass eyes, muzzle with white stitched nose, mouth and three claws, white mohair ear lining and pads, fixed head, jointed limbs, original ribbon and heart shaped card tag —11 1/2in. (29cm.) high (a little faded)

The initials JPM mean Jouets-Paris-Massy (the factory was located in Seine and Oise, former name of Essonne). These are the letters found on the heart-shaped labels that adorn the bears of this French manufacturer in the 50s and 60s.

The mark probably existed as early as the 1940s, but it is not actually found in toy manufacturers' directories until 1950 and 1953.

We also know that it was still present in the 70s. However, collectors find the models of this time less attractive.

The style of the JPM bears, very particular, makes it easy to recognize them:

  • The ears are placed high on the head.
  • The inside of the ears and the pads often have contrasting hues (characteristic common in French bears)
  • The muzzle is not very long.
  • The body is small compared to the head, rather long and little bounced.
  • Articulated arms are short and relatively straight.
  • The feet are small and the ankle little marked.
  • On small bears, horizontally embroidered noses are often made of guinguois, a proof of a fairly low-end manufacture.



Date 1950
Make Massy
Label  Yes
Fabric Brown Mohair
Size 10 ins
Eyes Glass clear with painted backs
Features Rare label
Jointed Fully Jointed
Pads Original Cloth. 
Stuffing Woodwool
Number 551

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