(1920) 1 Early Blue B B Tinker For Sale £195

"British Chad Valley Made" Tinker is a very early Chad with original stitching and carded feet. This Chad is a very early one and he has one of their earliest buttons under his chin. He was made in the 1920s before they had labels on their bears! His button has CHAD VALLEY BRITISH MADE on it, you can date Tinker to the 1920s by this early button.

"Do you have a teddy bear book called 'The Teddy Bear Encyclopedia' by Pauline Cockrill? There is a picture of a much larger version of my exact bear on page 53 top left. This bear is more than twice the size of mine but an identical bear!

"I bought him many years ago from a lady who used to collect old bears herself and sell and he had come from the original family and was known as 'Tinker'. The lovely outfit he is wearing was made for him by his original family. The waistcoat has the loveliest little buttons!
He has very furry legs, I don't think his trousers were taken off very often! He does have handling wear in other areas that were not so protected. He has his original brushed cotton pads which are still in wonderful condition for such an old bear."



Date 1920
Make Chad Valley
Fabric Mohair Blond
Size 12 ins
Features Original Stitching
Jointed Fully Jointed
Pads Cloth/Carded Feet
Stuffing Woodwool
Growl Not Working

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