Sold (1915) Bumble American £145

This is Bumble, an antique Mohair Teddy Bear, roughly dating from the 1915.
I'm not sure who made Bumble but he looks American, his body and arms are long and thin and the remains of his nose stitching is on the top of his muzzle..
Bummy is around 18 inches high and is fairly solid although his wood wool filling has begun to break up.
I think some of his black stitching is original but some may have been renewed.
He has two old clear glass eyes which again may not be original.
He retains about 50% of his blonde mohair but he's thinning and has some bald patches.
His pads all seem to be original and is really good condition but he does have a small repair just about his left foot.
His old joints are all in good condition even though he has 2 right arms! but his off centre squeaker no longer works.



Date 1915
Make American 
Fabric Mohair white

18 ins


Glass with painted backs

Features Adorable face, 2 right arms!
Jointed Fully Jointed
Pads Felt
Stuffing Woodwool


Number 196A

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