(1940) Little Fanny SOLD

Sold £40A very early bear. The arms and legs are jointed so that they move together. Semi fully rod jointed! She has a tiny shaved muzzle and vertically stitched nose which were in a bad way. She had a piece of the Dandy comic in her leg. She is short, quite chubby and very hard stuffed with a front final seam. Her coat is very play worn but she has a very endearing face. A lovely early example.



Date 1920
Make Early
Fabric Wool plush mustard
Size 9 ins
Eyes Replaced Glass with black pupils
Features Comic found in leg. Front final seam. Three stitches on paws and pads
Jointed Arms and legs move together
Pads Cloth
Stuffing Woodwool
Clothes Dungarees
Growl Not working
Number 236