SOLD (1930) Miss Ruth For Sale £245

Ruth is a beautiful bear from 1930. She has wide apart large ears and distinctive black vertical nose stitching.  She has large long feet with original cloth paw pads and very curved paws. She has a distintive hump on her back and is totally filled with wood wool. Her mohair is long, curly and shaggy with a front final seam. She is in good condition, a gorgeous old bear!



Date 1930
Make English
Fabric Mohair Blond long
Size 17 ins
Eyes Glass probably replacements
Features Original horizontal nose stitching
Jointed Fully Jointed
Pads Cloth with long feet. 5 claws on paws and pads
Stuffing Very hard woodwool 
Clothes Flowered sundress
Growl A clunk
Number 210

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