z(1920) Ginger Siegmund Showcased by The Kissable Muzzle

1920s American beauty, Ginger Siegmund, is 20" tall with a hump back, is hard stuffed with the most lovely shade of golden mohair. She has a precious, protruding muzzle with black horizontal nose stitching and upside down Y mouth.  All 3 intact claw stitches on each paw are intact and original as are her felt paw pads and pretty brown glass eyes. As with many early American teddies, Ginger's limbs are different sizes. Her arms are approximately 8" each and her wrists curve in slightly. However, her left leg is 7" and her right leg is approximately 8" long.. 


Date 1920
Make  American
Fabric Mohair 
Size 20 ins
Eyes Glass brown
Horizontal black nose and mouth
Jointed Fully Jointed
Pads Felt
Stuffing Woodwool


Growl Non
Number V190

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