(1920) Jester Helga

Helga is a very unusual bear. She measures 15" tall and is straw filled with boot button eyes. Her footpads are original with pointed toes and she doesn't seem to have any paw pads just three claw stitches. Her colour is also a bit of a mystery her legs and head are slightly darker than her body, she has a red stain under her muzzle which seems to blend in with the rest of her. She is mohair or art silk its hard to tell as this is very worn now and she is a lovely cinnamon colour. She is wearing a lovely voile dress which ties at the back and a red bow around her neck. Her arm joints are a little stiff but her leg joints are fine. A lovely old girl 



Date 1920
Make  Jester
Fabric Art Silk Cinnamon
Size 15 ins
Eyes B Button
Features Colours
Jointed Fully Jointed
Pads Cloth
Stuffing Woodwool
Clothes White Dress
Number 200

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