z(1920) Farnell. Mother G. Sue Howard

Showcased by Sue Howard

Mother G is a very handsome bear and very studious. Her coat was long and silky and in good condition. She has a small hump and long arms. Her paws are webbed and pads good. She is fully jointed and 18 inches tall. As an academic she loves reading. Her particular favourite is this antique miniature book of Mother Goose! Unfortunately she is old and long sighted and needs to wear reading glasses. (Don't we all!)


Date 1920
Make Farnell
Fabric Mohair golden
Size 18 ins
Eyes Glass with painted backs and black pupils
Features Original Nose with vertical stitching/ Mouth
Jointed Fully Jointed
Pads Felt pads. Webbed felt paws
Stuffing Woodwool muzzle. Kapok body
Clothes Antique glasses
Number V13

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