Sold (1920) Norton For sale £450

Norton is a very handsome bear. His coat is long and silky and in exceptional condition with about 95% remaining.
He has a small hump and long arms. He's very similar to the old Chilterns  and Farnells. His paws have been recovered in leather many years ago but you can still see the original felt underneath. He has very long claw stitches. It looks like 4 to paws and 4 or 5 to pads. His carded huge feet need attention, as do his paws. He is fully jointed and 17 inches tall (42cms). He has odd eyes with one original with a painted back and a shaved muzzle. A real treasure.


Date 1920
Make English
Fabric Mohair Blond long 95% coverage.
Size 17 ins
Eyes Glass with painted backs and black pupils
Features Original Nose with vertical stitching/ Mouth
Jointed Fully Jointed
Pads Felt carded pads. Very long stitches on paws
Stuffing Woodwool muzzle. Kapok body
Clothes White collar
Number 294A

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