Phileas Fogg

SOLD Phileas Fogg is magnificent! He is a huge 32 inches tall with a very striking green mohair plush. Bought from an American auction house he was described as "An early twentieth century large green mohair bear with no visible identification" He is very hard wood wool stuffed with very old nose stitching which looks original. His pads are in reasonable shape. All his limbs and feet are very big. He is a peanut shape with a pronounced hump and shaved muzzle and dark glass eyes.  He is beautifully made! He must have been made for a shop window or display.


Date 1070?
Maker Unknown
Fabric Mohair Plush Green
Size 32 ins
Eyes Glass
Features Green colour
Jointed Fully Jointed
Pads Cotton
Stuffing Woodwool


Growl Working growler
Number OA3