(1920) Beeley

Beeley is an adorable floppy old teddy bear made by the English manufacturer, JK Farnell and dates from the 1920s. He is in generally good condition and has retained the majority of his coat. He's covered in Alpaca, the colour is a lovely peach. He is 18 inches. Beeley has a small balding patch on his tummy in the area of his non-working squeaker but other than that he's hardly lost any of his coverage, just a few small areas and some thinning. His left felt paw is pretty much gone but the other one is still in place (just) and has Farnell's distinctive webbed claws. Beeley's feet both have holes in the felt but are also both original. Beeley's previous owner was a titled Lady. All in all, Beeley is just gorgeous and is one of those bears that can be enjoyed saggy, just as he is, or could be restored to look even more fabulous.


Date 1920
Make Farnell
Fabric Alpaca peach
Size 18 ins
Eyes Glass
Features Restiched nose
Jointed Fully Jointed
Pads Felt pads. 
Stuffing Woodwool muzzle. Kapok body
Number 144A

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