z(1915) Label Sunny. Josie Rockett

Sunny is showcased from Josie and Tommy Rockett's collection.

Sunny is an extremely rare early Deans Rag Book art silk bear who is in wonderful condition. His fur is as fluffy and bright as the day he was made. He even has his original ribbon and bell that he would have left the factory wearing. He bares the earliest form of identification, a black ink stamp on his left foot. His pads are made from yellow velveteen and he still has all of his claw and nose stitching and his original hand painted glass eyes. His head is filled with a mixture of kapok and wood wool and his body is filled with kapok and he measures approximately 14 inches long. He is just adorable. 


Date 1915
Make Dean's Rag Book 
Label Ink stamp on left foot
Fabric Blond Art Silk
Size 14 ins
Eyes Glass
Features Original Stitching
Jointed Fully Jointed
Pads Yellow velveteen
Stuffing Woodwool  Kapok
Clothes Ribbon and bell
Number V 7

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