z(1920) Leopold. Showcased By Erin Roy.

This stunning fellow is a 28" German bear is from  the Gmunder-Stoffspielwarenfabrik Co. in the Schwabisch-Gmund region and this was a part of Eastern Germany until 1934. Founded by Leopold Kahn, he advertised the bears in 1921. He dates to the early 1920's and is very heavy. His fur is in great shape with some balding here and there. All 5 of his joints work well, he has black glass eyes that are backed with brown felt, and his nose stitching is only slightly damaged. Unfortunately all four of his pads have been replaced but this was obviously done many years ago, as they have aged themselves. He has three stitched claws on all but his left paw, he has a large hump on his back, and is very hard stuffed! I can see through a tiny hole on his paw that it is straw. I can not feel a growler anywhere. 

His hat has a label that reads: United Hatters, Cap and Millinery Workers International Union, the goggles look very old but have no markings, the jacket says: All Wool Parker-Wilder Flannel, and he wears an old leather "dog" collar that used to be bright red. He has 12 old buttons on the very old American Flag that has been tied around his neck as a scarf. He has an Acme Thunderer whistle, a United States Navy medal and a 1901 ribbon on his scarf as well. His decorations are fascinating! I absolutely adore this bear and plan on having him with me for life. 


Date c1920s
Gmunder-Stoffspielwarenfabrik German
Fabric Mohair
Size 28 ins
Eyes Glass
Features Excellent mohair
Jointed Fully Jointed
Pads Felt
Stuffing Woodwool
Clothes Beautifully dressed with hat and collar
Number V183

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