z(1908) Finbar. Showcased by Josie Rockett

Finbar is showcased by Josie Rockett.

Here is the latest member of our hug! I have spent every moment I have had over the last two weeks bringing this lovely boy back to life. When he arrived I wasn't sure that I could save him, but with a little love and a lot of care, he is looking much happier and has completely stolen my heart! I have attached a photo of him before he had his repairs so that you can see what a sad boy he was when he arrived.

His name is Finbar, he is an early Bing bear made around 1908. As you can see he was in ever such a sorry state when he came to us.. He has lost nearly all of his mohair, he has a little mohair around his joints and you can see that he would have originally been a lovely apricot colour. He is entirely wood wool filled has replacement felt pads and measures 16 inches tall. Wonderfully he has managed to hold onto his original boot button eyes. At some point during his life the poor boy lost his arms, so I made him some using vintage mohair fabric, which he was delighted about! He came to us wearing his fabulous trousers, they look to have been made for him a very long time ago, we gave him his lovely waistcoat and bow tie. He is such an adorable old boy, I just love him!


Date 1908
Make  Bing
Fabric Mohair Apricot
Size 16 ins
Eyes Boot button
Features Major repairs
Jointed Yes
Pads Felt
Stuffing Woodwool
Clothes Waistcoat and trousers
Number 137V

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